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Vaping now most commonly used tobacco products amongst teenagers

Vaping now most commonly used tobacco products amongst teenagers

Tuesday 23rd August, 2016 | Vaping news and lifestyle blog

Teens are shunning traditional tobacco products in favour of vaping according to a new study.

Health conscious teenagers and university students are shunning traditional tobacco products in favour of e-cigarettes, a new study shows. We take a look at some of the reasons they are turning to e-liquid instead.

They know the health risks of tobacco

Teenagers and young adults are more health conscious than ever before, and know the dangers and risks associated with smoking tobacco. Just like tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarettes are not available to buy for under 18s, although as they can be an effective stop smoking method they can be given on prescription.

A recent ASH Smokefree youth survey found that there was no evidence that e-cigarettes were being used as a gateway to tobacco smoking by teenagers. In fact, regular smoking among teens is at an all-time low. Most teens who use e-cigarettes are either smokers or ex-smokers, which shows that e-cigarettes are helping all age groups to stop smoking.

Young adults know that if they stop smoking their health is greatly improved – they will have a better lung capacity, less chance of developing fatal illnesses like cancer or heart disease, and will do less damage to their bodies – something that can happen quickly if you smoke when you're young.

Smoking prematurely ages the skin because of the chemicals used, causing sagging and wrinkles to appear on young smokers years before their non-smoking peers will develop them. This is something a lot of teens and young adults are becoming increasingly aware off, which is another reason they are making the switch to vaping.

Vaping is more social

It doesn’t matter what age you are – most people don’t like the smell of cigarettes, especially when that smell permeates clothing and furniture, and lingers in the air.

This can be especially true for students who share flats with several other friends – there are more people to get annoyed with a smoker’s habit, both the smell and dangers of passive smoking. By switching to electronic cigarettes, students who vape can enjoy their e-liquids in communal spaces without bothering or endangering their friends and flatmates.

There's also the attractiveness factor - lots of people hate smoking, and hate kissing smokers. In fact, two-thirds of teens think that smoking makes a person less sexually attractive! No wonder lots of teens and university students are turning to vaping.

Vaping costs less, but offers more

There’s also the cost of smoking. E-cigarettes are far cheaper than tobacco cigarettes, and offer far more variety in terms of flavours available. For instance, smokers who currently go through a packet of 20 cigarettes a day could make the switch to e-cigarettes and from that they have gone from £30 a week on tobacco cigarettes to just £5 on e-liquids – a huge saving if you’re on a student budget or working part time!

The fact that there are hundreds of different flavours available and fun designs for vape pens and accessories means that electronic cigarettes offer vapers the chance to show that they are unique, and not one of a herd of cigarette smokers. 

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