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The hidden benefits of switching to e-cigarettes

The hidden benefits of switching to e-cigarettes

Sunday 31st July, 2016 | Vaping news and lifestyle blog

Not sure if switching to e-cigarettes is right for you? Find out all of the hidden benefits of quitting smoking on the Vapour Labs blog to help you decide.

There's plenty of good reasons to make the switch to e-cigarettes that have nothing to do with your health; ditching cigarettes is good for your appearance and your bank balance and maybe even your love life, too.

Many people interested in e-cigarettes are current smokers — if you're on the fence about giving it a go, here's a few of the hidden benefits you might not have thought of when considering the switch.

Better skin

Many smokers complain about their skin looking dull and ageing prematurely. No one wants to look older than they are by inviting in extra wrinkles, sagging skin and a sallow complexion. In that respect, e-cigarettes are just about the best anti-ageing skincare ingredient a traditional cigarette smoker can get — ditch the cigarettes for vaping and watch your skin return to its healthy glow.

Less need to wash your hair

We already know cigarette smoke leaves behind a lingering smell, but where it's particularly bad is in the hair, which has a way of absorbing the smoke scent and holding on to it for days. If you have longer hair this can be a real bother — washing and drying your hair every day just to keep it smelling clean can strip it of its natural oils, leave it looking limp and lead to breakage and damage caused by heating tools. Switch to e-cigarettes and you can use all that extra time in the mornings for a longer lie in.

Better sense of smell

Smoking dulls the senses in more ways than one; the chemicals found in cigarettes blunt the ability to register taste and can interfere with the olfactory nerve's ability to register smells. E-cigarettes have no such problem — within a few weeks of quitting cigarettes you'll start to notice a more sensitive sense of smell and a sharper sense of taste.

Whiter teeth

Heavy smokers can forget all about those pearly whites — cigarettes will alter your teeth over time and leave a permanent yellow stain behind. When you use e-cigarettes you can maintain that winning Hollywood smile; vaping is much less likely to stain your teeth, meaning you can keep your smile a vibrant white and won't need to worry about bad breath, either.

No distinct smell

The distinctive scent that comes with traditional cigarettes mean you can smell a smoker from a mile off — even when they don't light up. Switching to e-cigarettes means those persistent smells linger on clothing, in furniture, and on the breath are no longer an issue, so you don't need to feel self-conscious.

Dates with non-smokers

Non-smokers are particularly sensitive to the smell of cigarettes and will often avoid dating a smoker altogether if they can avoid it just to see off the scent and some of the other negatives associated with smoking. E-cigarettes eliminate a lot of those objections; they're inexpensive, discreet, and best of all, don't stink. It's a lot easier to shake off the negative social stigmas with e-cigarettes and means you won't have to press pause on a great date for a smoke break.

No need to brave the elements

Craving a cigarette will send otherwise sane people outside in the cold, wind and rain. When you use e-cigarettes, you can stay safely indoors at home in front of the television if you want to, and vaping in public is much less likely to be viewed as a nuisance by other people you're passing on the street.

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