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Press Release: In response to a recent article in Metro

Press Release: In response to a recent article in Metro

Friday 20th May, 2016 | Vaping news and lifestyle blog

In response to the article on Metro today; it was brought to my attention that I had been quoted as being "in full support of the Tobacco Products Directive”, that it was hugely positive, and that I encouraged its enforcement. 

This statement was not made by me, but by a junior member of staff within my company who had not spoken to me about the matter. It was sent to our digital agency, and passed to Metro, who were unaware that the quote was false. 

My views are as follows: The TPD will stifle innovation, and restrict the development of one of the most amazing products of our time. 

I believe that there does need to be an element of regulation on vaping products to protect the consumer. Many of the restrictions listed in the TPD–such as limiting bottle size to 10ml and limiting tank capacity to 2ml, with a 6 month notification period–are frankly ridiculous. 

That said, I do try to look at the positives, and feel that with regulation (in whatever form), consumers who have avoided vaping in the past because of negative press will have more confidence to try vaping and quit smoking. Much like I did 5 years ago. Our industry is still in its infancy.

The TPD is going to cost our company (and hundreds of other vaping businesses in the UK) a significant amount of money to ensure compliance. In addition, a lot of products we currently provide will be banned from November 20th, 2016. This affects everybody in the vaping industry, including independently owned vaping businesses like us, and more importantly, the consumers who benefit every day from vaping instead of smoking. 

Brett Horth

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