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How to design a vape brand

How to design a vape brand

Tuesday 27th September, 2016 | Vaping news and lifestyle blog

Started experimenting with e-liquid flavours, come up with a funky name for an e-liquid brand, or run a small vape store and think it’s time you had your own label?

Our quick guide to designing a vape brand will get you started.

What’s in a name?

The name you give to your vape brand is going to be all important. It needs to be memorable, so people can buy it with ease and recommend it to friends.

It should also make a statement about what kind of brand you are, and what the product line is. For instance, if you called your brand ‘Coco Loco’ and didn’t sell chocolate infused e-liquids you’d have a very confused audience!

Take a good look on vape store websites and e-cigarette shops and browse the best e liquid brands out there. Think about the ones you like - is it because they are witty, fun, simple or clever?

Mission control

Now you have a name for your e-liquid brand, and have thought about what kind of brand you want to be, you should put together a quick mission statement.

Don’t worry – we’re not talking 10 hours in a conference room with suits. Just think about what you want to be known for, so you can stick to that when you’re creating new flavours and coming up with your design.

Think about who you are selling to, what makes you special, and what your focus is. Easy.

Flavour with Personality

Lots of people make their own e-liquids, but it can take a couple of years to become skilled enough to make sure flavour, throat hit and levels are consistent on every batch – customers need to know what to expect every time! There are lots of YouTube videos and tutorials out there to help you out on this journey.

The other way is to get an expert like VapourLabs to make your e-liquid for you. This will ensure consistency, make sure the e-liquid levels of nicotine etc. are all safe, and will let you get a brand off the ground quickly. Just make sure you get e-liquid made in the UK so it’s the highest quality, best e-liquid brand it can be.

Designer demand

Hot name? Check. Fantastic flavour? Check. Now you can move on to design for your logo, labels, brand and website. Unless you’re an amazing designer don’t be tempted to do this bit on your own. The best e-liquid brands are the ones which have good design, marketing and flavour.

Think about how often bad, boring or plain old unappealing labels have put you off a product. You need yours to stand out from the crowd, and only an expert can help you with that.

There are lots of sites out there to help connect people with designers, and you may know some yourself. If you go with a friend, though, treat it professionally and make sure they are up to the job. If you want a specialist designer who knows the vaping industry inside out, VapourLabs have a team of designers on hand to help.

Market appeal

Get a domain for your e-liquid brand asap, before anyone else thinks of your amazing name! You don’t need to sell your e-liquid online – think of going to vape fairs, festivals, approaching local vape stores and other selling sites for that – but you do need a sleek, professional site to show that you know what you’re doing.

You should also get your labels printed up, get funky business cards to hand out at fairs, and research places to sell your brand.

Testing is also crucial in the early days. Get friends, family and folk who vape to give you feedback on your flavour and branding.

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