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How to choose e-liquid nicotine levels

How to choose e-liquid nicotine levels

Thursday 1st December, 2016 | Vaping news and lifestyle blog

Whether you’re selling, making or using e-liquids, it’s important to know what the nicotine strengths on e-liquids are, and how these equate to the nicotine in tobacco cigarettes.

Many tobacco cigarette smokers might have no idea about the nicotine content of their cigarettes, so switching to e-cigarettes can be a little daunting. The e-liquid nicotine strengths are always clearly labelled, but it’s confusing when you don’t know what these levels mean.

Thankfully, nicotine levels on UK e-liquids are often standard and simple to understand. Moreover, when you get to know how they compare to tobacco cigarette smoking, it’s easy to know which e-liquids to recommend or use.

Firstly, it’s important to make sure that your e-liquid nicotine supplier makes their juice in the UK and uses ingredients sourced from within the EU. This is the only way to ensure that the nicotine strength indicated on the e-liquid will actually represent what’s in the bottle. At Vapour Labs we use the highest quality pharma-grade Nicotine which complies with USP and EP specifications.

Each millilitre of e-liquid contains a dose of nicotine in milligrams. Vapour Labs and other e-liquid nicotine suppliers represent this in a percentage – so 6mg is represented by 0.6%, 12mg as 1.2%, etc.

Let’s take a look at the different e-liquid nicotine levels, and what they translate to.

0% Nicotine

This (obviously), means that there is no nicotine present in the e-liquid. When you buy from Vapour Labs and other reputable e-liquid nicotine suppliers, you can be certain that there is absolutely no nicotine present. This level is particularly good when you have been gradually cutting down your nicotine intake, but still want to enjoy e-cigarettes from time to time, or if you want to do some cloud chasing and learn vape tricks.

0.6% Nicotine

A 0.6%/6mg level of nicotine in an e-liquid is a low dosage, equivalent to up to approximately ten light cigarettes a day intake. This is great for people who are getting ready to cut out nicotine altogether, or for very light smokers who want to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes.

1.2% Nicotine

The 1.2%/12mg dosage of nicotine is a good one to go to if you were smoking around a pack of light cigarettes a day. It’s a medium level, and one of the most popular strengths of e-liquid, being particularly great for people who were smoking light tobacco cigarettes before they made the move to e-cigarettes.

1.8% Nicotine

The 1.8%/18mg nicotine level is a very popular one for new e-cigarette users, as it translates to about a packet of tobacco cigarettes a day. It is quite a high dosage, so it’s a popular one to start with if you were a heavy tobacco user.

2.4% Nicotine

The strongest strength on the market, the 2.4%/24mg e-liquid nicotine strength is very high, and only suitable for heavy smokers, as it equates to a couple of packets of cigarettes a day, or one packet of strong cigarettes. Even heavy smokers can find this too much, though, so the 1.8% nicotine level is a better one to start on.

As well as strengths, e-cigarette users will take in different amounts of nicotine based on how much they vape and what kit they use. However, knowing about e-liquid nicotine strengths means that vapers can relax and enjoy experimenting with taste and products!

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