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E-liquid gold  top selling flavours

E-liquid gold top selling flavours

Wednesday 1st February, 2017 | Vaping news and lifestyle blog

If you run a business selling e-liquids or want to get into making your own brand, it’s essential that you know what flavours people buy.

To help you, we’ve crunched the numbers on sales topping over a million units of e-liquids, both classic flavours and sub-ohm brands.

Classic flavours account for nearly 82% of e-liquid bottle trade sales and a whopping 96% of sales directly to consumers. However, sub-ohm brands are also popular, and make up 18% of trade sales, which may show that people buy more of them from shops or brands themselves.

Top 5 Classic flavours

It will come as no surprise that there are some e-liquid flavours that consumers come back to again and again. By and large, e-cigarette users take to certain flavours and use these in their everyday vapes, branching out as they become more adventurous in their e-cigarette habits.

The most popular classic e-liquid flavour for consumers is Menthol Special Blend, which accounts for over 10% of online sales. As menthol is such an easy, pleasurable flavour to vape, its position at the top of the classic flavour chart makes perfect sense.

Coming in a close second to menthol is the Classic Tobacco e-liquid. This is also to be expected, as so many vapers out there will be trying to wean themselves off tobacco cigarettes onto e-cigarettes, and will opt for a flavour they know to start with. The third position in our top five is USA Gold Tobacco, which gives extra credit to this idea. In fact, tobacco flavours account for 20% of all e-liquids purchased online in the last 6 months and account for 26% of trade.

However, there are new flavours that have creeped into our classic e-liquid top 5, showing that vapers do branch out quickly and gain new favourites. Ice Mint is the fourth most popular classic e-liquid, while delicious Black Cherry comes in at number five.

These five flavours alone make up just under 40% of online sales, showing just how popular they are. Other top classic e-liquid flavours are more fruity tastes like strawberry, blueberry, grape and apple, showing that people love a bit of sweetness to their vape.

On a trade level, the top flavours look very similar, so shops and brands are clearly finding the same trends with their customers. Menthol Special Blend comes in top for trade with nearly 20% of sales, while Classic Tobacco is a clear second at 14%. These are followed by fruity flavours once again - Strawberry Bliss (8%), Black Cherry (7%) and then Blueberry Pancakes (7%).

Top 5 Sub-Ohm E-liquids

We sell two main brands of sub-ohm e-liquids, and looking at the trade sales will help identify which e-liquids are preferred by more experienced vapers.

With Pocket Fuel, the best e-liquid flavours are Blue Raspberry (at an astonishing 22%), Rainbow (14%), Pink Fizz  (14%), Menthol Mist  (12%) and Strawberry Shake  (10%).

The Pure Evil range top 5 is made up of Sloth (19%), Lust (13%), Wrath (11%), Black Crack (9%) and Gluttony (8%) - all of which are sweet, fruity or creamy vapour flavours.

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