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Creating custom e-liquid flavours

Creating custom e-liquid flavours

Wednesday 9th November, 2016 | Vaping news and lifestyle blog

The world of e-liquid creation is an exciting one, from making new flavour combinations in your kitchen to thinking about developing your own brand to sell. When things get serious and you want to take your e-liquids to the next level, turn to the professionals.

Manufacturers work with clients to create custom flavours for e-liquids using the best ingredients available. It’s a simple process, and one which results in high quality e-liquids to sell as your own.

Creating your Brand

Whether you have a solid idea for your brand already in place, or want help with marketing and branding from experts, you can go to a manufacturer with your custom e-liquid needs. Branding is one of the most important steps in creating custom e-liquid, and it’s important to think about first!

Good e-liquid manufacturers will let you upload your branding to their templates, ready to be printed and used as labels for e-liquid bottles.

If you’re not a design whizz yourself, then an e-liquid manufacturer like Vapourlabs can do this crucial part for you. They will put their design team on the case to make you up logos, labels and boxes for your e-liquids, and can also help with point of sale design and merchandise. You can even get help launching the brand, which can make all the difference when trying to break into this competitive market.

Choosing your flavour

You might have been experimenting with flavours at home and want to make a small batch of your favourite taste combinations to give to friends or to enjoy yourself, or you might want guidance on the most popular combinations for people to buy.

Whatever your need is, an e-liquid manufacturer will be able to craft the perfect custom e-liquid for you. They will talk you through their ingredients, process and flavours available – and there will be a lot of flavours available to you!

A good manufacturer will have a great range of standard flavours for you to choose from when making your e-liquid, from everyday flavours like menthol, tobacco and fruity juice to more unusual tastes like blueberry muffin and pink champagne. You’ll be able to choose batch sizes when you order, so you could launch a range with several flavours.

One of the best things about working with a UK manufacturer to create custom e-liquid is that you know you will be getting a quality product. Your e-liquid should comprise of high-quality pharma grade Nicotine which complies with USP and EP specifications. The ingredients themselves should be batch controlled and sourced in the EU, so you can be sure they are quality.

Know what to expect

It’s a good idea to look at examples of client work on e-liquid manufacturer websites, so you can see their history of product design and flavours.

Vapourlabs have created a huge range of products for clients and their own labels. They are known for the Pure Evil brand, which launched with the 7 Deadly Sins range of e-liquids. From brand name and logo design to flavour combinations and packaging, it’s the sort of superior quality and consistency you can expect when you work with a reputable e-liquid manufacturer.

Best of all, by having a UK e-liquid manufacturer take care of your e-liquid creation, you’ll be guaranteed consistency of ingredients, strength and quality every time – something you cannot rely on when making batches of e-liquid at home or by using some overseas suppliers.

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